Tuesday 19 January - Tuesday 9 February

We will be running regular poetry and reminiscence sessions at the Custom House during the 2020-22 programme.

Sharing and creating poetry can help to unlock memories and spark connections, especially for those who learnt poetry by heart when they were younger. In these sessions trained poets will read classic poems aloud, offer space to share the reading of poems and work to create poetry as a group. The sessions are based on Literature Works experience with the Poetry Cares project.

Our first four sessions will begin in the New Year and be delivered online using Zoom by Bristol City Poet Caleb Parkin. They are free to attend and can be booked as a block or individually.

If you’re interested in attending future sessions taking place in person at Exeter Custom House please email customhouse@literatureworks.org.uk and we will be in touch when they begin.

Poetry of the elements

Across four free online sessions, we’ll explore the poetry of the elements: Earth, Water, Fire and Air. You’ll hear classic elemental poems: the ‘foam and glitter’ of Heaney’s coastline and Robert Frost’s snowy woods. We’ll also hear contemporary poems which are solid, flowing, passionate and gutsy in their gustiness! We encourage you to bring along your favourite element poems to share too.

The elements crop up all the time in language – ‘solid as a rock’ or ‘burning with desire’ – or through appearances in pop songs from Light My Fire to Bridge Over Troubled Water. As well as hearing a range of poems, these everyday examples will springboard the creation of our own and whole group poems, which you’ll be guided through step by step.

PLEASE NOTE:These workshops will take place on Zoom. You will be emailed joining instructions after you have booked. Sessions may be booked as a block for all dates (choose the ‘block booking’ ticket) or individually (choose the relevant date when booking).
About Caleb Parkin
Caleb Parkin is a poet, facilitator and Bristol City Poet from October 2020. He’s published widely in magazines, journals, through commissioned poems and competitions. He tutors for Poetry Society, Poetry School and First Story and holds an MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes.

Debut pamphlet: Wasted Rainbow, (tall-lighthouse, Feb 2021). Debut collection: This Fruiting Body (Nine Arches, October 2021). Tweet: @CalebParkin

Booking info:

Tuesday 19th January, ‘Earth’ 2-.3.30pm

Tuesday 26th January, ‘Water’, 2-3.30pm

Tuesday 2nd February, ‘Fire’, 2-3.30pm

Tuesday 9th February, ‘Air’, 2- 3.30pm